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IMNH 48001/2457 -- Bison latifrons

Courtesy of the Bureau of Reclamation Upper Snake Field Office

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  • Common Name

    Giant bison

  • Species

    Bison latifrons

  • Specimen Number

    IMNH 48001/2457

  • Sex


  • Cause Of Death


  • Mass


  • Age

    Pleistocene - Rancholabrean

  • Repository

    IMNH Paleontology

  • City

    Pocatello, Idaho USA

  • Collection

    JAW Repository

  • Collector

    Marie Hopkins

  • Owner

    Bureau of Reclamation

  • Comment

    Gigantobison I, Junior. Was most complete in existence in 1951. Hopkins, 1951; Hopkins et. Al., 1969; Pinsof, 1991.

Alternative Views

Cranium (Miscellaneous)

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Giant bison (Cranium (Miscellaneous) - Overview)


Giant bison (Cranium (Miscellaneous) - Dorsal)