Idaho Virtual Museum

3D Model Usage Instructions

Turning a 3D file into a physical object is as easy as finding the right service and choosing how you want the product made. A standard .obj (object) file will translate into nearly every fabrication process! If you cannot find a local machine shop or 3D printing studio, there are a number of online services available (for example, In most cases, just upload your file, choose your material and size, and pay a fee to have them print and mail you the final piece. Many local libraries also have 3D printers available to the public. Bring them your file and they will print it for you!

How to get these files to the printer:

Download the Low Resolution .obj (object) file at the bottom of each specimen window.

If they have a 3D Printer available, take your .obj file to your local library or high school and have them print it for you!

If you would like to make a print yourself, go to a service such as, upload your model and choose from over 60 high quality materials. They will print and process your file for a low fee.